Cottonmouth's XLR8 model of boat is our newest and most unique hull design to date. We paired a traditional flat bottom shallow water hull with a hybrid front end to produce a rake that both increases speed and handling, while maintaining all of the shallow water performance you would expect out of one of our hulls. One of the additional benefits of running a hybrid rake hull is the drastic reduction in water spray from the hull during maneuvering. This problem has plagued the shallow water market for years, and the answer can be found in the XLR8.



The sportsman model is our basic hull. All business, no frills, ready for anything.

The sportsman will be the best all around boat for you if you are looking for a boat that performs well in any environment. This entry level boat out performs the rest of the field.

Lighter, faster, and built on an all welded platform, this boat is made to withstand abuse without sacrificing performance.

Shallow water Bay series


Another game changer in the industry these boats are geared towards tackling challenges from the inland marshes of the gulf south to lakes and pockets in hard to reach places across the USA. These boats are all aluminum, all welded, shallow drafting fishing machines.

We borrowed the same industry changing hybrid rake from the XLR8 series, and super-sized it. The end result was a boat that can handle the demand of running open water while producing a dry and smooth ride.

This platform was created with fishing in mind. With full customization available, you will find every deck hatch, rod box, and seat pedestal in just where you want it. Our team of experienced boat builders will work with you to build the fishing boat of your dreams. You will never want to fish out of another boat after you fish the Cottonmouth Shallow Water Bay Series.